The KSR partner company for optimised and reliable waste and recycling logistics.

Founded in 2006, KS-Logistic specialises in smooth waste removal services and distributing newly manufactured products. In 2009, the entire vehicle fleet was relocated to the Stettiner Straße site in order to effectively separate the KSR and KSL entities.

Areas of business

  • Logistics; transport orders for solid and liquid waste; sale and lease of collecting containers
  • Service – customer and disposal concepts, waste balances and analyses, disposal certificates, sampling, on-site consulting

Vehicle fleet

We have specially equipped vehicles at the ready for various types of waste:

  • Waste oil collection vehicles equipped with multi-chamber systems with loading volumes of between 3,000 and 30,000 litres.
  • Multifunctional vehicles with multi-chamber systems: independent pump circuits allow different liquids – such as waste oil, radiator fluid and brake fluid – to be transported at the same time.
  • Refuse collection vehicles
  • Crane vehicles and dumper trucks
  • Platform trucks for transporting cubic tank containers etc.
  • Hook lift trucks for large containers etc.

Container systems

We provide field-tested waste container systems that are officially approved for collecting the various waste types.

These range from 120-litre standard lidded drums for dry batteries or aerosol cans to a 36 m³ skip with a hydraulically operated lid:

  • RGB 240/1,100, galvanised
  • Standard lid drum, 120 litres
  • Clamp lid drum, 200 litres
  • Kuefa system
  • ATE system, 220 litres
  • Large waste container, 240 litres
  • Big-Box, approx. 640 litres
  • Large waste container, 1,100 litres
  • Fluorescent tube box, type SL
  • Hazardous waste container, type ASF
  • Hazardous waste container, type ASP
  • Large-capacity skips and roll-off containers