Treatment of
extinguishing water.

Disposing of contaminated extinguishing water is one of our main waste disposal services. Our wastewater treatment plants are ideally suited to providing environmentally compatible treatment even to extinguishing water that has been exposed to complex contamination. Owing to the environmental problems that can be caused by fluoride-contaminated extinguishing agents and/or extinguishing water, particular importance is attributed to accompanying the disposal of extinguishing water with expert analyses by the company’s quality laboratory. This ranges from inspecting incoming waste to monitoring individual treatment steps and discharge values.

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We collect solid, liquid and hazardous waste directly from your premises and take care of its economic and ecological disposal and recycling, so you can concentrate on what’s essential to you: your business.

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Teamwork means trust

Long and rewarding working relationships are always based on professionalism and trust. With us, you can rest assured that your company will receive the best expert advice and customer service in all areas and facets of waste disposal and recycling. As well as individual advice, we can provide you with the following:

  • Waste balances and waste analyses
  • Disposal certificates
  • Sampling
  • On-site consulting by qualified field staff

Get the most out of it.
With high-tech recycling from Sonsbeck and Wesel.

Our plants are optimised to return waste to the cycle of usable and marketable products. Our state-of-the-art plant technology and highly innovative processes enable the production of base oils, lubricating oils, flux oils, fuel oils and solvents. Protecting natural resources is always our top priority. We dispose of waste materials, wastewater and sediments in accordance with technical requirements as well as economic and ecological principles and standards. This enables us to make an important contribution to sustainable environmental protection.

As the spectrum of waste types and sources is extremely heterogeneous today, our plant is divided into various areas so that we can carry out a wide range of treatment processes with maximum efficiency.

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Our constant aim is to protect natural resources by maximising sustainability.

We take our social responsibility very seriously and play our part in helping to protect the environment – not only throughout Europe but also within our own ranks and in our local region. Our highly trained employees are fully aware that natural resources are finite and that we also have a great environmental responsibility towards future generations. We make every effort not just to meet our own high standards but also to set an example and set the pace for other companies.